Dunoon Burgh Hall

The Caretaker’s Flat


Several photographs were found in the flat during renovation on glass plate slides and cardboard. We don’t know anything about the people in the photographs. Although one of our volunteers found another photograph in the barbers across the road of the same girl, but older. The mystery deepens!

The Caretakers flat was at the back and side of the building along Hanover Street. The building was powered by coal boilers which were sited in this space and it was reputedly the warmest place in the building. Huge thanks to the family of Nan and Archie McCallum who donated their photographs. Nan was the Burgh Hall Caretaker from 1951-1976 and Archie was a driver for the Council.

Nan loved the little bit of garden on the side of the house and filled it with colour every summer and office staff often remarked how nice it was when they came through. She took a great deal of care and pride keeping the building clean and tidy.

‘I remember my Dad stoking the coal boiler every morning sometimes coming home at lunch time to fill it up. I used to use the boiler house to play in. It was a very cosy, warm little house. There were two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen/ living room.A separate kitchen was promised but didn’t happen until about 1969/70.’  – Jean Buckles, Daughter of Nan and Archie.

The flat has now been converted into workshop spaces for all kinds of creative activities.

Thanks to the family of Nan and Archie McCallum who donated these photographs.