Dunoon Burgh Hall

Stained glass


The stained
 glass window in the main hall was created by James Ballantine (1807-1877). Ballantine was a prominent stained glass maker of the time. He was awarded the contract to paint some of the windows in the House of Lords following a public competition. James Ballantine was the author of a series of books on the history and techniques of stained glass manufacture, notably a book titled A Treatise on Painted Glass.

Over the years our stained glass Viking had lost his face. It turns out that either the glass was painted on the wrong side – hence degraded by the weather – or it had originally not been fired at a high enough temperature. During the refurbishment process our stained glass Viking was restored to his original condition following detailed research and a clever use of double-glazing.

We think the image is of our architect Robert Bryden!