Dunoon Burgh Hall

Moody Canvas Painting Workshop with Albatross Arts

30 October 2021

Canvas Painting Workshop

30th October 2021 Delivered by Albatross Arts
Funded by Creative Scotland Youth Arts Access Fund

This one-day painting workshop, inspired by Freda Waldapfel’s snowy landscapes, lets you enjoy the fun of working on a large scale and trying messy processes to get atmospheric results you’ll want to display at home!

Comments from parents:

“Shay absolutely loved the day. His friend Scarlet and him were buzzing. I asked him if there was anything bad about the day and he said no., he loved it all. The thing he liked best was being free to do his own work. I was a bit worried it may be too long but definitely was not the case. If you ever do another day like it he will be first in the queue.
Thank you very much”

“Matilda absolutely loved this workshop. She was on Cloud 9 afterwards. I think some of that was because she was with her friends but a lot of it was the fun of doing all the art in different mediums, and she was excited to meet the artist and create artworks inspired by the exhibition. She’s done several canvas art paintings at home since. She’s told me she wishes you could do a lot more workshops like this one, and/or a regular art club for children, as art is a huge passion for her. I wish you could too! I think parents like me would be happy to pay for art workshops or a club. I’m no artist myself (wish I was!), but I’d be happy to help out as you needed.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful art workshop on Saturday. Lily attended and said it was the best art workshop she’s ever been to! All her friends really loved it, too. The children of that age group in particular have had a rough time over Covid. It’s amazing to see them joyfully taking part in art workshops again, such a bright spot of colour and sociability after a long year of uncertainty and isolation.”
DBH Canvas Painting Workshop attendee

Comments from Children:

“I would give the workshop a 5000 star rate:)”

“Great do more of it. Every month. 10,000 review. 100/10”

“5 star rev 20/10”

“5000 ⭐️ 30/10”

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