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Extremely Pedestrian Chorales


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Take a light-hearted look at walking as dancing. Amble, ramble, shuffle, stride, stomp along with choreographer Karl Jay-Lewin as he leads an exploratory workshop based on his piece Extremely Pedestrian Chorales. A response to JS Bach’s famous vocal harmonies, it presents the common place experience of the pedestrian as an act of beauty, meaning and gentle comedy. In the piece four dancers represent the four parts of the vocal score, each note of which has been translated into simple steps.

Expect an introduction to ideas behind the work, a chance to learn simple but irregular stepping patterns and have fun with 18th Century powder-wigs. A sense of humour is essential and sense of rhythm could be useful.

This workshop is for free and open to participants of all ages and skill levels – you don’t need to be able to read music or to dance. Everyone who’d like to give it a go is welcome!



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