We have a Chatter & Natter Table!

Published: 21 May 2019

We are delighted to let you know we are now part of the Chatty Cafe Scheme!

The Chatty Cafe Scheme is an initiative designed to encourage conversations between customers at designated ‘Chatter & Natter’ tables. Originally founded in Manchester, by Alexandra Hoskyn, the scheme was created to connect people from all walks of life who want to meet new faces and enjoy new conversations.


Anyone! If you're on your own, in a couple, with a friend, with a carer or someone you care for, mums and babies, dads and babies, grandparents and babies, younger people, older people - and anyone in between! 


When you are deciding where to sit, look for the "Chatter & Natter" table and sit there. Stay for 5 minutes while you have your drink, or longer if that suits you... the scheme isn't necessarily about making friends, just about having some good old fashioned human interaction. 


The Top 10 conversation starting topics in the UK are:

1.  The weather (48%)
2.  Immediate surroundings (34%)
3.  Local area (28%)
4.  Asking how someone is doing (27%)
5.  The news (24%)
6.  Sport (20%)
7.  Asking what people do for a living (19%)
8.  Music (17%)
9.  Asking where people live (16%)
10.Asking what people got up to at the weekend (15%) 

And the top topic to avoid? Finance!  

To join the conversation, look out for our dedicated "Chatter & Natter" table here at the Burgh Hall Cafe. For further information visit https://thechattycafescheme.co.uk/find-your-nearest-table/



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