Dunoon Burgh Hall


Dunoon Burgh Hall is a community led arts venue, set up by the Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust. The Trust was  established in 2008 after the building was rescued from demolition by the community,  who worked with the John McAslan Family Trust to preserve the buildings rich cultural heritage.

The Trustees of Dunoon Burgh Hall are responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the organisation, and safeguarding it’s assets, both physical, including property, and intangible ones, such as its reputation.

Current Trustees

  • Bruce Marshall – Chair
  • Rosie McInnes – Vice Chair
  • Pauline Seale
  • George Allan
  • Julie Forrester
  • Paddy Girard
  • Katie McCorkindale
  • Eileen McKenzie
  • Gill Robertson

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