Dunoon Burgh Hall

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Dunoon Burgh Hall is a historic building situated in Dunoon, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

The building’s architect was Robert Alexander Bryden and dates back to 1873 when its foundation stone was laid.

The Category B listed building was originally the home of town officials and now serves the local community and wider area of Cowal as a fully accessible creative and cultural hub following a major refurbishment in 2017.

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Dunoon Burgh Hall was built after Dunoon gained Burgh Status in 1868, and the need for a place for the people of the town to meet was first envisioned. The building was the only theatre in Argyll when it opened in 1874.

Archive material recovered during the Hall’s renovation shows how the building was used; as a place for dancing, singing, meeting and performing, alongside more mundane but necessary activities such as filing complaints and paying bills.

Burgh records and newspaper articles chart change in Dunoon. They document moments of civic-mindedness and enterprise, alongside disagreement and social exclusion. They walk us through nearly a century and a half of the Burgh’s development.

Dunoon Burgh Hall’s story begins in a time of male-only social and political infrastructure and concludes in the present, with a diverse group of men and women reclaiming the Hall on behalf of the local community.

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