Dunoon Burgh Hall

Dunoon Burgh Hall is officially opened

On 25th June 1874, just 9 months after the foundation stone was installed, Dunoon Burgh Hall opens with a sumptuous dinner held in the main hall for ‘the principal gentlemen connected with the district’. This was chaired by Provost R.L. Smith. Numerous speeches and toasts were made in honour of the hall and the people who built it.

R.L. Smith, Elected Provost in 1872, toasted ‘’success to the new Burgh Hall and Buildings’ stating that he was glad to say that: ‘No accident had happened to life or works in the erection of the Hall’.

The local newspaper, the Argyllshire Standard, covered the affair, listing the dishes that were served as: Hot joints – Roast of Sirloin Beef, Corned Beef, Veil and Ham Pie, Pigeon and Steak Pie, Roast Turkey, Roast Lamb. Cold Joints – Roast Lamb, Spring Chickens, Ox Tongues, Yorkshire Ham, Galantine Veal, Galantine Lamb, Salads with Aspic Jelly. Sweets – Jellies with Fruits, Vanilla Creams, Gooseberry Tarts, Rum Jellies, Strawberries, Cherry Tartlettes, Cabinet Pudding and Biscuits.

This grand affair was followed by soup and sandwiches in the evening for the ‘local people’. The new Dunoon Burgh Hall was open, ready for use by the Police Commissioners, their staff and the people of the Burgh of Dunoon.

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