Dunoon Burgh Hall

Shaping Our World: The Bread Boy of Herculaneum Conversations

Glasgow Media Coop

Event information

Date: Sun, 11 February 2024

Time: 2.00pm

Cost: Free, but donations welcomed.

Type: Exhibition , Talk

A Road to Fair Employment Opportunities.
To address the planetary crisis, it’s crucial to engage in a multitude of conversations exploring possibilities for communities to change their trajectory. This goes beyond ecological solutions; it involves reshaping economic systems to align with practices that ensure money circulates within communities rather than solely contributing to stock market profits.
Empowering Just & Fair Employment: The Role of Workers’ Coops in the Economic Transformation
Discover the important role that workers’ cooperatives play in a just transition, contributing to a more equitable, caring & sustainable future. Understanding these economic facets is essential for crafting effective solutions that propel us towards a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible world.
Join us for a compelling talk featuring Louise Scott from Glasgow Media CO-OP & Babs Nicgriogair from the workers’ CO-OP Green City. They’ll share their stories about the transformative potential of workers’ cooperatives in achieving just and fair employment. The discussion will explore various forms of workers’ coops and lead to conversations about how cooperative structures can deliver essential services like care, ensuring that the money spent on these services stays within the community.
Moreover, the cooperative structure ensures safer and better-paid employment for the individuals directly involved in the work. Learn about the tangible benefits that workers’ coops bring, and discover what can be done in Dunoon to create such opportunities.
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