Dunoon Burgh Hall

The Bread Boy of Herculaneum Exhibition – Talk with Prof. Angela Daly

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Event information

Date: Sun, 28 January 2024

Time: 2.00pm - 3.00pm


Type: Exhibition , Talk

With the rise of AI, discussions about how data is used against us have taken on new proportions.


Everything from internet algorithms to electrical vehicles, your mobile phone, and even your robotic hoover can invade your privacy and collect data about your life which later may be used in ways you as an individual have no control over. In a society where it is difficult to live without using things like your phone or your computer, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know what to do with this information and after the initial shocks of such discussions, most of us scroll on in our feeds and our lives. 

Angela Daly has in recent years been part of a movement to create an alternative that will allow us to put data to use for the people and the planet instead of letting the extractive mostly environmentally unfriendly powers that now control it remain at its reins.


In her talk, Daly will inform us of practical ways where transparent data could be used to inform and empower us so we can make sounder decisions about how to act and organise ourselves. She will make comparisons and suggestions that are transparent and locally applicable to communities like  Dunoon.