Dunoon Burgh Hall

The Bread Boy of Herculaneum Exhibition – Talk from Martin Gerrish


Event information

Date: Sun, 21 January 2024

Time: 2.00pm - 3.00pm

Cost: Free Admission

Type: Exhibition , Talk

Martin Gerrish is involved in several community projects in Dunoon.


He co-created the Grow Food Project where a team works together to grow fruit and vegetables for the local community. He is involved in the Bullwood Nature Trail where he and a team run courses on various aspects of food growing, Biochar, composting, and other nature-related activities. He also organizes ritual events throughout the year to celebrate life and growth.


He will be talking about the importance of local community projects that bring people together to help with the many challenges facing us today, the fragility of the food chain, climate change, and the disintegration of many of the systems of support for the vulnerable in our society.


He suggests the way forward is for people to come together and work in ways that are creative, constructive, and also fun.